“Performing Stage for Distinguished Artists,
Home to the Art Lovers Worldwide”



Established in 1986 and officially rated one of the top ten galleries in China, Wan Fung Art Gallery has a collection of over 13,000 masterpieces of Chinese fine art with a 20,000 sq-ft headquarters in Hong Kong and 4 galleries + 1 museum branched in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong Cities.

Over the years, Wan Fung has organized more than 1,000 art exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, U.S. and Canada. We have published more than 150 art albums. Our prestigious status is making us a leading gallery of Chinese fine art.


Wan Fung Art Gallery was rated one of the top ten art galleries in China by the Chinese Arts Organization in 2004. We has been awarded Honor of Integrity by the Culture Bureau of Chinese Government in 2005. The Museum of Chinese Architectural Woodcarving in MingQing Dynasties, an affiliate of Wan Fung, established and open to public in 2010, has now become a hot spot of tourist in Zhongshan City, PRC. In 2012, the Chinese Art Centre was completed in Zhongshan city and is welcomed by many art-lovers worldwide. Also, Wan Fung Art Gallery is continuously rated as “Integrity Gallery” by the Chinese Government in the same year.


Dr Kwok Ho Mun, is the Founder and Director of Wan Fung Art Gallery, and currently the President of International Art Collectors Association.