饒宗頤(1917-2018),字伯濂,又字選堂,號固庵,生於廣東潮州,從事學術研究和教學工作超過70年,著作等身,是一位名聞遐邇丶享譽國際的漢學家。饒教授的學術研究範圍非常廣博,蓋可歸納為上古史丶甲骨學丶簡帛學丶經學丶禮樂學丶宗教學丶楚辭學丶史學(包括潮學)丶中外關係史丶敦煌學丶目錄學丶古典文學及中國藝術史等13大門類,有著作約 80餘種,論文1000多篇,並為後來

To pay tribute to Master Jao Tsung-I , the honorary advisor of Young Artists Development Foundation, "Ink Global" includes 15 pieces of his artworks showing different artistic styles. Most of them have never been exhibited in Hong Kong before. In collaboration with Hong Kong Open University, "Yumen Pass in the Mist" will be re-created as an animation through modern technology by the students.
Jao Tsung-I (1917-2018), courtesy names Bolian and Xuantang, secondary personal name Gu'an, was born into a scholarly family in Chaozhou, Guangdong. A world renowned scholar in Chinese and Oriental Studies as well as arts and culture, Professor Jao devoted over 70 years of academic excellence, as well as mentorship to generations of students. Undertaking a diverse but converging path in his scholarly pursuits, his contributions cover 13 genres ranging across the whole field of Sinology, including Pre-Qin History, Oracle Bone Studies, Studies of Bamboo and Silk Scripts, Paleography, Ancient Musicology, Religious Studies, Songs of Chu, Historiography !including Chaozhou Studies), History of East-West Relationship, Dunhuang Studies, Bibliographical Studies, Classical Chinese Literature, Chinese Art history and so on. As a prolific writer, he was the author of over 80 books and over 1,000 theses and other articles, many of which have opened up new vistas of research possibilities. Not only did he have remarkable achievements in scholarship, he also created his own style of painting and calligraphy developed from internalizing the essence of Chinese masterpieces.