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As the year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the return of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to China, I am very honoured to become the patron of Ink Global on this special occasion. It is a genuine pleasure to witness the great success of this large-scale exhibition and the rise of Hong Kong on the international ink painting scene.

Ink painting is an important cultural heritage of China that dates back several millennia ago. It has undergone changes and innovations through all vicis...

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Boasting a long history, ink paining is an important Chinese heritage. Besides the brushstrokes, the mood, tone, and spirit are salient characteristics in each work. 

In recent years, Hong Kong has joined London and New York as the three largest art markets in the world. As the first large-scale ink painting exhibition, Ink Global aims to promote the overall development of ink painting by gathering the works of 500 elite painters of the genre. This exhibition will serve as a positive step toward...

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Shocking! To describe "Ink Global" with this word, is not too much yet very appropriate. To be able to view these works, I feel very excited! There are so many talented painters! There are so many uncompromising details to the works! So many Chinese and Western cultures and collisions! So many creative infinite minds! In this era, it's really an oriental cultural new reveal! It can also be called as the deep profound Chinese cultural arts for five thousand long years, and since the development t...

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Nowadays, with the rise of modern China, Chinese culture and art from a 5,000-year-old civilization is receiving a growing attention internationally. It is now the golden age of Asian culture and art. As we briefly review the past 5,000 years of art history with the development of Chinese society, politics, economy and culture over time, a historical pattern emerges. The development of ink painting in each period was closely linked to the social development at the time. Understanding art history...

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