- Dr. Kwok Ho Mun


Being one of the most important and influential art dealers in today's China, Dr. Kwok was born in Shanghai in 1947, with Canton as his ancestral home. Nurtured in a scholarly family, he was widely exposed to authentic masterworks of Chinese calligraphy and painting and indulged himself in painting and seal cutting in his childhood. He graduated from high school in 1966, when the Cultural Revolution just happened. He devoted himself to the theory and practice of Chinese Painting in addition to Chinese Literature, History and Philosophy. The turbulent era enabled him to better understand the meaning of life.

In 1974, he migrated to Hong Kong, set up his first studio to teach Chinese painting, and did various kinds of investment. In 1986, he established Wan Fung Art Gallery. The colossal long-term promotion campaigns began in the next year. Up till now, he has curated more than 1000 exhibitions in Asia and published over 190 books and art albums. He has published a large number of critiques and market reviews in financial magazines and newspapers in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. He gave lectures on Art Connoisseur and Art Investment to students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and Fudan University as well as people in the banking and real estate industries. Over hundreds of lecture and seminar hosted, he is best known as one of the favourite art speaker of Hong Kong. 

Dr. Kwok's contributions and achievements have been documented in Hong Kong and Macau Elite 1990, All Leaders 2004 and Today's Chinese 2008. In 2004, he was awarded the Patriot Honor by the Chinese authority. Dr. Kwok is famed for his original insights for Chinese Art and his ingenious marketing strategies. He was also named ‘Friend of Chinese Artists' for his unceasing support to Chinese artists in the bad old times. His authored "Collecting and Investing in Chinese Paintings" is regarded as one of the most important reference books for art investment.

In 2010, Dr Kwok established the ''Museum of Chinese Architectural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties'' in Zhongshan City, PRC. and he is the Chief Curator of the museum until now. He was appointed the Chief Curator of Ink Global 2017 at HKCEC. 


Dr. Kwok Ho Mun