Group name:               Woodcarving Cultural Tour (2016)

Tour Code:                  CUL_ZS_20162HK

Group categories:        Museum Visit

Guided language:        Cantonese

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Enroll:                         12 people up per group



Seeing the craftsmanship of ancient China closely and shuttle a hundred years back to the Ming-Qing Dynasties, we will explore a few thousands rare and fine woodcarving works that were once upon a time dismantled parts of the luxurious houses.  

Thanks to the high-speed ferries, there is only a 90 minutes ship-ride between Hong Kong and Zhongshan City, our cultural trip will soon be launched.


Our cultural docents will lead us through the tour whilst they will introduce the stories behind the craftmanship and the life of ordinary citizen at that time. By visiting the Museum of Chinese Architechural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties and the Chinese Art Centre located also in Zhongshan City, it is no wonder for people to be attracted by the long sedimentary art and history of China.  


Zhongshan, originally named Xiangshan in Qing Dynasty, was later renamed in honor of Sun Yat-sen, who is regarded as father of modern China, after his death in 1925. 


As part of the museums there is a well stocked gift shop which contains a good selection of Souvenirs comprising high-definition art print, fine copies of ancient long roll and also art stationeries, would you like to find a local restaurant to fill your appetite? Zhongshan cuisine have the flavor of Canton, while Shiqi Pigeon is the most inevitable and appealing snack amongst the Chinese menu.


After a full day's travel, the Shiqi District of Zhongshan City is a good place to relax. Should you require a comfortable hotel, then the Crowne Plaza Zhongshan Hotel, situated 2-minutes walk from our museum, is an ideal selection of star-rated hotels offering excellent facilities and service.



Essence points:


•"Museum of Chinese Architechural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties" in Southern District, Zhongshan
•"Chinese Art Centre" in Torch Relay District, Zhongshan

• Sun Wen Xi Road, a famed tourist pedestrian street.


Meeting Place:


Level 2, ferry terminal, China Hong Kong City, Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.




Woodcarving Cultural Tour 

(Cantonese Guided): Each HK $ 1200

*fee covers round trip ferry tickets between Zhongshan and Hong Kong, welcome lunch in day 1, shuttle bus pick up and docents. Insurance is not included.





11:30 Arrival at Zhongshan port, shuttle to hotel.

12:30 Welcome lunch (Shiqi Pigeon)

14:00 Museum of Chinese Architechural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties (Cantonese Guided)

17:30 Dinner 

19:00 Shopping at tourist pedestrian street.(free time)


21:00 Back to hotel



9:00 Breakfast

10:00 Visit the Chinese Art Centre (Souvenir available)

12:30 Lunch "Yum cha" (Cantonese dishes)

14:00 Return to Zhongshan port and back to Hong Kong




• Hotel Crown Plaza Zhongshan Wing On City ¥529/day

• Hilton Zhongshan Downtown ¥838+15%service charge/day