Museum of Chinese Architechural Woodcarving in

Ming-Qing Dynasties

1/F, 23 Xing Nan Road, South District, Zhongshan City,



Opening hours

9.30am-6:00pm Daily

(Open except special notices)


Guided Tour Booking

(departing from HK)

Hotline : +852 2736 9623

Words from the Chief Curator of the Museum

- Dr. Kwok Ho Mun 

China has experienced the civil war and turmoils in the last few decades, which led to the precious Chinese architectural woodcarving to be seriously damaged and destroyed. Even now the people there have little knowledge in how to protect the precious heritage apart from a few specialists.

In order to preserve this precious cultural heritage, Wan Fung Art Gallery has consumed lots of resources in collecting the artistic parts of architectural woodcarving among the territory. We have successfully collected a few thousands rare and fine works comprising the wood-carved ridgepole and beams, windows, doors and old furnitures. We collected with full respect and gratitude to those ancient craftsmen. For art lovers and our future generations, we decided to establish the ''Museum of Chinese Architectural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties'' in 2010.

Cooperating with the Government of Zhongshan, as well as the enthusiasm and encouragement of friends from Greater China and overseas, our ''Museum of Chinese Architectural Woodcarving in Ming-Qing Dynasties'' has been opened to public since 24th September, 2010. Located in the Cultural Centre of Southern Zhongshan. The exhibits of ''Miraculous craftsmanship of the Bed'' (Qian Gong Chuang) and the artistic parts of architechural woodcarving, from which we could deeply feel the profound culture along the long Chinese history as well as the colorful civil life of the people. At the same time, the ancient Chinese society is interlaced with blood and tear. 

We sincerely hope that this woodcarving museum is not only preserving the brilliance of the Chinese ancient art in woodcarving, but also initiate the function as national education to attract the general public's awareness in treasuring and protecting the historical and cultural heritage of China, together to contribute in revitalizing the great Chinese culture.