Over the Horizon 長空展翅 盧清遠七十新作展

  • (Hong Kong, May 2016) Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Over the Horizon – Art of Lo Ching Yuen from 11th to 20th June 2016 in To Kwa Wan. This exhibition showcases around 70 Lingnan paintings of Lo Ching Yuen. The opening reception will be started at 3pm, 11th June, 2016.


    Lo Ching Yuan, born in 1946 in Guangdong Meixian, has held more than 20 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Malaysia, China, Canada and other countries. Lo has been specialized in Lingnan art in his early age and he graduated from Lingnan Art Studio in Hong Kong. His teacher is Chao Shao-an, one of the masters of Lingnan art. Lo’s paintings are highly recognized; for example, his paintings are collected by the British Parliament, the National Museum of History in Taipei, the National Taiwan Art Education Institute, the National Dr. Sun Yat-San's Memorial Hall, the Hong Kong government and so on. For the sake of promoting Lingnan art, he established the Yunshan Studio to teach many students.


    Lo dedicated himself in the creation of Lingnan paintings and it covers subjects of landscapes, birds-and-flowers and animals. His use of colour is elegant, and he enhances the atmosphere through the splashed background. He captures the physical form, the spirit and the mood of the animals. Thus, eagle, peacock, deer, bird and tiger are usually vividly delineated in his way of interpretation and more realistic after his painting on papers. Lo specializes eagle because he admires the personality of eagle. The eagle has no fear of difficulties even facing the bad weather and dangerous environment. He hopes that he has a fearless spirit of a conqueror like eagle.


    Exhibition period:   2016.6.11-20

    Exhibition venue:   3/F, New Lee Wah Centre, 88 To Kwa Wan Road, Kowloon, HK

    Opening hours:    Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm (Close on Sun & Public holidays)