Album Chung Lap Kwan 鍾立崑 自然經營墨水情

  • 「水繪水墨」的創作過程是:用一張空白(無)的宣紙,拓取紙
    面上的「有」 - 那「突然有」好像宇宙大爆炸出來的「有」

    Art of Chung Lap Kwan

    Published in Sep 2015, on the occasion of the exhibition

    "Subconscious - Art of Chung Lap Kwan" at Wan Fung Art Gallery, Hong Kong

    Organized by Kwok Ho Mun

    64 pages; Fully illustrated


    ISBN: 962-7483-177-9



    3 - 5 working days

    *Postage for delivery in Hong Kong only

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