Cheng Ting Ting -Open Close Quotation 開引刪引 鄭婷婷

  • (Hong Kong, April 2015) Wan Fung Art Gallery is pleased to present the artist's first solo exhibition with gallery.


    Title of the show, “Open Close Quotation”, revolves around the daily encounter with ineffable feelings and imagination. In many occasions, doubts and absurdity are revealed yet never resolved. It is lost as if language is absent and only the open and close quotation marks are left. The exhibition will showcase a series of latest painting and drawing and exhibition reception will start at 6pm, 24th April, 2015.

    Cheng's creation is rooted in daily observations, mainly exploring different characters and human behaviors. The subtle lingering sense of narrative fragments filled her pen. Her works often depict situations, such as a man playing tennis with himself, an empty receptionist of a commercial building, a middle-aged woman repeatedly moving the recreational wheel at late night in park, etc. All these are just a tip of iceberg of emotionless city. These figures are drawn in delicate light lines and accompany with a greyish background which creates a poetic atmosphere. Looking into details, it is always easy to discover the tiny hollow face, showing a kind of urban indifference.

    相逢恐恨過,故作微發聲, a quote from Du Fu, a prominent Chinese poet, reflects Cheng’s feeling towards life. It refers to our attempt of freezing significant life moments, in response to our fear of losing. Through paintings, Cheng records the moment of life. This invites us to contemplate the situation of the people portrayed and express distant care to the neglected soul.

  • Exhibition period:        2015.04.24-5.12

    Exhibition venue:         Wan Fung Art Gallery (Central)

                                   G/F, 63 Staunton Street

    Opening hours:    Mon-Sun 11am-7pm (Close on Public holidays)