Jiang Zhi Feng 姜志峰

Portrait Chinese Paintings 中國人物畫作品展

  • (Hong Kong, October 2015) Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Exhibition of Portrait Chinese Paintings from 15th October to 5th November 2015. This exhibition showcases the portrait paintings of Feng Changjiang, Guan Yuliang, Hu Yongkai, Kong Lap Fung, Li Yongwen, Shen Daohong, Shi Qi, Sun Jianlin, Ye Feng, Zhang Zhen Hua, Zou Li and so on. The opening reception will start at 4pm, 15th October, 2015.

    According to the Gu Kaizhi, “Portraiture is most difficult, next is landscape, and after that is dogs and horses. Terraces and halls and other implements with set forms are easy by comparison”. The traditional portrait painting does not only require to master proportion, gesture and expression of the figure with ease, but also “spirit resonance” and “unity of form and spirit” are the crucial elements of traditional portrait painting as well.

    Due to the cultural exchange between East and West, the development of Chinese figure painting has incorporated some good aspects from the West by pursuing innovation in drawing techniques and topics, but at the same time retained the features of traditional figure painting. For instances, Hu Yongkai succeeds to infuse the charisma of the centuries old Chinese culture with the forceful expressions of the West by his brilliant matching of lines and colors in his paintings; Sun Jianlin has concentrated on diligent research and integrated the meticulous approach of Chinese painting, folk arts and various forms of expression of Western art in a skillful way; Zou Li specializes in brushwork figure painting, which her artworks are fresh and elegant in style. The contemporary upgrades of the Chinese portrait paintings reflect an aesthetic revival of traditional art value, yet the artists are striving to express the underlying character in depicting the outward appearance of human figure. The exhibition brings together more than eighty portrait works, each of which epitomizes the unique brushwork and stylish creativity of an era.