Feng Dazhong 馮大中

  • Feng Dazhong, was born in Liaoning in 1949, also known as Host of Fuhu Cattage. He is the 10th , 11th and 12th deputy to the National People’s Congress, President of Chinese Gongbi Painting Association, Vice Director of Chinese Painting Council of China Artist Association, Vice President of China Arts Administrator Association, Director of China Artist Association, Vice President of Liaoning Artist Association, first-rated artist, and expert with special subsidy of  the State Council. Feng’s painting skill is serious and elegant. His ways of painting tigers have broken through a regular stylised model, have given them humanistic spirit, have had his artistic symbol, have been called “Never had before and inspiring the later”, and have been honoured as “No. 1 tiger in the world”. He’s famous for his landscape painting, which is strong and huge.