Feng Yiming 馮一嗚

  • Male, born in 1965, is a native of Tangshan, Hebei Province. He is now Chief Secretary of the Yu Lin Painting Studio.

    Following the path of his father Feng Linzhang, who is a famous Chinese flower-and-bird painter, he began to study painting from his childhood. In 1990, he studied in Tianjin Art Academy. Having broadened his knowledge of Western art, he tried to merge the merits of Western art in his water-and-ink paintings with perfect harmony.

    Feng specializes in landscape paintings. In 1992, he won the Special Prize at the International Chinese Painting Exhibition and Competition. In 1993, he was awarded Creation Prize in the “Second Hebei Artistic Creation competition”. His solo exhibition was held in Hong Kong in 1995. Feng is now regarded as one of the most promising young painting artist in China.