Forbidden City in Wood: Tian Li's Prints Exhibition 皇城遺韻‧田力版畫展

  • 田氏的作品輝煌而靜穆,強烈而平和,沒有歷史的沉重,也沒有現實的焦躁。他以著敘述者的身份,將自然萬物看成不同的幾何形,著意表現造物超越時空的審美價值,為皇城重新注入生命力。





    皇城遺韻‧田力版畫展開幕酒會 謹訂於


  • (Hong Kong,March, 2017) Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Forbidden City in Wood: Tian Li's Prints Exhibition from 8th April to 22ndApril, 2017. This exhibition presents the amazing Chinese painting and block printing works of Tian Li.The opening reception will start at 3pm, 8th April, 2017.


    Tian Li, member of China Artists Association and China Printing-making Association. Born in Liaonning Province in 1946, finished his study in Special Crafts Department of Beijing Art & Design Academy in 1968, and graduated with a degree of Decorative Painting from Department of Fine Arts, Beijing University for Nationalities in 1987.


    His main works have been collected by National Art Museum of China, Heilongjing Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Sichuan Printmaking Museum, Shandong Qi Lu Gallery, Anhui Artist Association, Beijing Artists Association and People’s Daily Press.


    His print “Home” won the golden Prizein the first China fair in 21st century for excellent works of calligraphy and painting held by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. “Shades of Steel City” and “Spring Breeze” in Ancient Path won the second prize in Beijing exhibition of fine arts.