1st Image : Victoria Harbour, watercolor on paper

HK Style - Au Yeung Nai Chim 歐陽乃沾畫香港

  • (March 2013, Hong Kong) He loves painting; spending a lifetime for creation until eighty years old. He insists upon making his way as a painter, footprints all over Hong Kong. His sketches covered a spectrum of topics including fishing ports, streetscape, villages, etc. Wan Fung Art Gallery proudly presents to you the ‘Hong Kong Style‧Watercolor Art of Au Yeung Nai Chim’ from 5 - 17 April in Hong Kong Wan Fung Art Gallery. The Exhibition features more than 40 pieces of paintings. Enthusiasm is living your dream, which we can feel from his artworks.

    It is hard to find a quiet place for sketching in this bustle and hustle city. Fortunately, he is able to deal with distractions and exclusively focus on paintings, from historic buildings to streets. He set the old shackle aside and mounts the new one. He gathers a sincere appreciation of aboriginal art, and demonstrates to us his conviction that in the indigenous art making of Hong Kong. Here, we are privileged to pay tribute to his contribution to art.