Hu Yongkai 胡永凱

  • In the contemporary Chinese art circle, Hu does not follow paths treaded by others but forms his unique style on his solid foundation of traditional painting skills. He succeeds to infuse the charisma of the centuries old Chinese culture with the forceful expressions of the West by his brilliant matching of lines and colors in his paintings. By reflecting upon the traditional Chinese art from a modern perspective, Hu achieves a kind of individuality that carries a sense of modernity with uncommon oriental charm.

  • 胡永凱,1945年生於北京。現為中國美術家協會會員,中國國家畫院研究員,中央文史研究館書畫院藝術委員會會員,文化部國韻文華書畫院藝委會副主席,中國人民對外友好協會藝術交流院研究員,香港新美術學會創始會長。1988年移居香港。1992年以傑出藝術家的身份取得美國永久居留權。