Heroic Spirit – Lee Chi Ching 李志清

  • (Hong Kong, July 2015) Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Heroic Spirit – Painting Exhibition of Lee Chi Ching from 8th to 26th August 2015. This exhibition presents Chinese landscape paintings of Lee Chi Ching correlated with martial arts stories. The opening reception will start at 3pm, 8th August, 2015.

    Compared to other depiction of martial arts which usually adopts a close-up that focuses on the movement of body, Lee uses long shot, like those in filming, that allows showing a character and his or her surroundings in a single frame, so as to create a majestic view to bring out heroic spirit of different martial characters which are tiny yet delicate. His arrangement shows his mastery in composition and use of different brushstrokes. The atmosphere and tension of each flight leave some room for imagination of viewer.

  • Lee Chi Ching (b.1963) is a local Hong Kong artist who specializes in Chinese ink painting. He is especially famous with his ink comics. For example, his historical manga series, which include Records of the Three Kingdoms and Sun Zi's Tactics, etc., has accompanied the growth of many Hongkongers. In this exhibition, Lee has successfully made a breakthrough by combining different martial arts characters with Chinese landscape paintings, creating a series of cinematic martial arts panorama and expressing the heroic feelings of battlefields and the magnificence of natural landscape.