"Meow"Art Exhibition - Gallery by the Harbour

  • Gallery by the Harbour and Wan Fung Art Gallery are proud to present the “MEOW” Art Exhibition by Chinese Artist Xing Chengai at Gallery by the Harbour from 10 to 27 April 2014. The exhibition will showcase around 20 of Xing’s works on the theme of cat. Xing is a master in depicting cats in a meticulous and adorable way. He observes movements and daily life of cats and presents them vividly by combining Chinese techniques with western style. After years of studies and explorations, Xing has established special techniques in cat drawings.

  • 「海港城.美術館」與雲峰畫苑將於2014年4月10日至27日合作舉辦中國藝術家邢誠愛《喵》作品展,展出多幅以貓為主題的作品。邢誠愛自幼研習繪畫,打下良好基礎。畢業於河北大學工藝美術學院,及後於魯迅美術學院及中央工藝美術學院進修深造。邢誠愛擅長用國畫工筆技法畫貓。他細心觀察貓的一舉一動,以傳統中國畫的技巧配以西方繪畫理念,把貓的動態和生活刻劃表現得淋漓盡致。