Okumura Yuzuru 奧村 譲

  • Okumura Yuzuru was born in 1961 in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. He studied law in university and started self-taught oil painting at that time. Because of the passion in art, he became a full time painter and held his first exhibition when he was 24. At the age of 29, he stayed in England about 1 year as a volunteer for disabled people. He was attracted by the beautiful European landscape. Since then, he changed his style of painting.

    In the artworks of Okumura, there are elderly people, people with wheelchair and woman pushing a baby carriage. As he is working in an organization supporting the disabled people, he would like to express the Utopia which has different kinds of people living together in peace. He always draws a fried egg-like sun in his paintings which is a symbol of his work as well as the symbol of the brightness of life.

    He loves travel. He has traveled to more than 40 countries includes Asia, Europe, North and South America etc. Different cultures and different landscapes always inspire him.