Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (1st Term) ​ 水墨畫精英邀請展 第一期

  • (Hong Kong, October, 2017) After the big success of “Ink Global 2017”, Wan Fung Art Gallery is going to hold a series of Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition from Oct 2017 to Oct 2018 at Wan Fung Art Gallery Headquarter in To Kwa Wan. Comprising of a series of ink masterpieces from several elite artists, these shows are aiming to introducing both the masters and the new artists and bringing the beauty and excellence of Chinese ink painting into the world.


    Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Selected Ink Artists Invitational Exhibition (1st Term) from 26th Octomber to 11th November, 2017. This exhibition presents brilliant artworks of eight outstanding artists including Hu Yongkai, Zhao Chengxiang, Wu Qiming, Xing Chengai, Feng Yiming, Xu Yuankai, Liu Zuliang and Lei Ling. The opening reception will start at 3pm, 26th Octomber, 2017.


    Exhibition period:   2017.10.26-11.11

    Exhibition venue:   3/F, New Lee Wah Centre, 88 To Kwa Wan Road, Kowloon, HK

    Opening hours:      Mon-Sat 10am-6:30pm (Close on Sun & Public holidays)

  • 香港雲峰畫苑將於2017年10月26至11月11日於土瓜灣總部舉行《水墨畫精英邀請展第一期》。是次展覽將展出八位當代水墨畫家胡永凱、趙澄襄、吳齊鳴、邢誠愛、馮一鳴、徐源凱丶劉祖良以及雷玲的作品。這八位參展的當代水墨畫家共同有著兼容並蓄的精神,將東方傳統水墨技法揉合西方意念,發展出各自獨特的藝術特色。開幕酒會將於2017年10月26日(星期四)下午3時正開始

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