Journey to Places - Rainbow Tse 謝樂柔作品展

  • Gallery by the Harbour and Wan Fung Art Gallery are proud to present the “Journey to places” Exhibition of watercolor by Rainbow Tse at Gallery by the Harbour from 1 to 20 April 2015. Rainbow Tse, who won HKAC Young Emerging Artist Award 2013, specializes in painting watercolor cityscapes. This exhibition will showcase her latest works this year.

    Rainbow Tse has developed into a distinctive style known for presenting lights, shadows, and colors which express certain moods and atmosphere about city life. The scenes of Hong Kong are full of stories under her brushstroke. She dedicates herself in searching the compassion of city by investigating an emotional visual language to express her appreciation to the city. In this way, it explains the reason for highly recognized and unique style.

    In this exhibition, Rainbow freezes the fleeting images of our city in which this conveys her memory of the city and allows audience to re-discover the scenery we have missed in daily life with different angles. Let us recollect our memory fragments and start our new journey.

    In such a hustle and bustle world, Gallery by the Harbour and Wan Fung Art Gallery cordially invite you to enter into Rainbow’s art world to start an endless journey of our stunning metropolis.

  • Born in Hong Kong, Rainbow Tse is a local artist who specializes in watercolors, painting cityscapes and landscapes. She believes that many places and feelings are worthy for a story to tell, her artworks based on this concept, are developed into a unique style known for presenting lights, shadows, and colours. Expressing certain moods and atmospheres, she hopes to bring these stories to life and for the audience to experience the scene and evoke memories of their own to relate.