Still - Shen Ping 依舊 沈平作品展

  • allery by the Harbour and Wan Fung Art Gallery are proud to present “Still” Painting Exhibition by Shen Ping, which showcases his latest watercolour and ink paintings, featuring different perspectives of Hong Kong at Gallery by the Harbour from 22 April to 10 May 2015.

    Shen Ping is a talented artist who specializes in watercolour, Chinese ink art and oil paintings. The artworks in this exhibition reveal his passion to the city, Hong Kong. From food stalls, local street view, the Star Ferry to the Victoria Harbour, all these iconic visual elements about Hong Kong are transformed into emotional symbol via Shen’s brushstrokes, which construct our city and our identity.

    Looking at Shen’s works, abstruse visual language is merely appeared. His simple and lively colours can always touch our heart. Through the depiction of daily life of Hongkongers, his paintings preserve the good-old days of Hong Kong reminding us to cherish the fading scenes of this city

    Gallery by the Harbour and Wan Fung Art Gallery cordially invite you to appreciate the artworks by Shen Ping and recall your memories of Hong Kong.

  • Male, born in 1947 in Beijing, China.
    He studied fine art at Shanghai Lo Wan district Youth Centre, instructed by Mr. Zhao Bing Fu in 1960; From 1965-1973, he worked as Artist at Xin Jiang Production and Development Army. From 1974-1975, Shen studied in the China Zhejiang Fine Art Academy, instructed by Mr. Ku Seng Er and Mr. Xu Yung Xiang.

    He migrated to Hong Kong in 1980. He is currently an art teacher of Hong Kong Jockey Club and the School of Continuing Studies in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, Hong Kong Modern Art society, Hong Kong Oil Painting Association and Hong Kong New Artist Society. From 1998, he is the chairman of the Hong Kong Water Color Research Society.