Solitary Six of Sichuan 錦水香江—天府六逸

  • 香港雲峰畫苑將於2017年2月25至3月11日於土瓜灣總部舉行《錦水香江—天府六逸‧水墨精品展。是次展覽將展出六位來自四川的花鳥及人物畫名家梅凱、沈道鴻、周明安、汪曉靈、戴雨樵以及趙志章的作品。開幕酒會將於2017年2月25日(星期六)下午3時正開始,六位參展畫家將出席酒會,與香港藝術愛好者交流。

  • (Hong Kong, Febuary, 2017) Wan Fung Art Gallery is proud to present Solitary Six of Sichuan from 25th February to 11th March, 2017. The exhibition showcases the paintings of six artists from Sichuan, including Mei Kai, Shen Daohong, Zhou Mingnan, Wang Xiaoling, Dai Yuqiao and Zhao Zhizhang.The opening reception will start at 3pm, 25th February, 2017. Artists will be in attendance.