Song Yuhui 宋玉輝

  • Male, born in 1966, is a native of Anshan, Liaoning Province. He is now a professional artist.

    Song has developed a strong interest in painting and aspired to be an artist since his youth. He began to practice sketching and watercolor at the age of five and his talent in this area was already apparent. As a young man, Song was curious about everything around him, especially about natural creatures. His sensibility and observation power is the reason for his later accomplishment in animal portraits. Song studied in the Liaoning Arts and Crafts College and became a designer at a printing company after his graduation.

    Song specializes in animal and human portraits. His natural creatures and human portraits are full of distinctive individual characters and feelings. His coloring is superb and his strokes are delicate and multifarious. With the use of complex ink-and-wash and coloring, his elegant works all contain strong Oriental flavor.