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Participating Artists
Liu Guosong, Zhang Bu, Wucius Wong, Chen Jialing, Shi Qi, Du Yingqiang, Wang Changkai, Xu Xi, Louis Mak, Nancy Chu, Zhang Guang, Shu Yiqian, Shi Hu, Sun Jianlin, Liu Maoshan, Feng Linzhang, Chung Lap Kwan, Wong Chau Tung, Zhao Wuchao, Zhang Shaocheng, Liang Peilong, Zhao Zhunwang, He Bai Li, Song Di, Lam Wu Fui, Hu Yongkai, Zhang Weimin, Wong Hau Kwei, Shen Ping, Nigel Szeto, Hai Tian, Qin Lisheng, Zhao Chengxiang, Wang Yuguo, Fang Li, Lee Lam Sin, Xue Liang, Liu Zijian, Wu Qiming, Hung Hoi, Guan Yuliang, Liu Keming, Cai Bugu, Lam Tian Xing, Gao Nan, Feng Yiming, Song Yuhui, Zeng Qian, Ye Feng, Lei Ling, Xu Weijun, Zhang Zhenhua, Lin Lianghong

WAN.INK.ART 雲峰眼中的新當代水墨

  • (Hong Kong, MAR 2014) Wan Fung Art Gallery proudly presents to you, the 'Wan.Ink.Art- Joint Chinese Paintings Exhibition' from 22 Mar to 12 Apr in Hong Kong Wan Fung Art Gallery. The Exhibition features more than 80 pieces of contemporary Chinese paintings. Participating artists include Liu Kuosong (Taiwan), Wucius Wong (Hong Kong) etc.

    “Wan.Ink.Art” is different from the traditional one. It keeps ink as the media but emphasizes on the moods, emotional expression and subjective statement of artists more. Sources of inspirations are no longer limited to traditional landscapes, flowers and birds, portraits. The aesthetic standards become more modern and align with Hong Kongese tastes easily.

    Contemporary Chinese painting is derived from Chinese art. It aims to reposition this modern yet Asian form of “Chinese paintings” and also to attract more audience from the new generations. Recently, contemporary Chinese painting has been heating up and making noises in both international art field and market. Some of them have been sold at enormous price at auctions. Yet some of them are not as great in authenticity as their prices. In our point of view, masterpieces shall not be “produced” based on demand, but “created” and “inspired” by artists’ talents. Art must be authentic yet inspiring in all-way-round. In this exhibition, Wan Fung is going to share the “real” new ink art with all art-lovers.

  • Exhibition Period         :         22.03.2014 – 12.04.2014

    Exhibition Venue          :         Wan Fung Art Gallery

    3/F, New Lee Wah Centre, 88 To Kwa Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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