Wo Yue-kee 胡宇基

  • Wo is particularly fond of sketching lotus as he admires the lightness, elegance and refined attributes of it. Countless praises about lotus by ancient Chinese literati may already resonate with Mr. Hu, making him devote himself into the art of lotus. Wo has an authentic yet unique presentation of lotus ponds. Through concentrated and prolong observation, he kept on study the morphology and states of lotus under different climates. After years, he succeeded in capturing beautiful ambience, luxurious color and also fresh image of lotus.

    As the third generation of the Lingnan School, being one of the outstanding representative, Mr. Wo has also inherited the fine tradition of brushstrokes from previous decades, helped Lingnan Art growing its branches and leaves overseas. Wo has definitely made ​​a significant contribution to the exposure of Lingnan School Art in both China and the international art world.