Xu Weijun 徐惠君

  • Male, born in 1973 in Jiangyin, China. He graduated from the Art Department of Changshu Technology institute. He studied in the Mountain-and-stream class of Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and then continued his study in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Xu is a member of the Artists Association of the Jiangsu Province.

    Xu is good at painting mountains-and-streams. He put much effort in the further innovation of new techniques call “wind rain wrinkle” from his solid foundation of Chinese traditional painting skills. He had a great achievement through his new style of great, tremendous and powerful painting of the Yellow River. He is highly recommended by the Chinese art circle and collectors. He is known as the master of painting the Yellow River in China. His works “Oh the Yellow River” and “Along the sunset” was awarded by the artists association. His work “Song of the Sea”, “Symphony”, “Dance of the Sea”, “Song of the Yellow River” were awarded with different national awards.