Xue Liang 薜亮

  • Male, born in 1956, is a native of Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province. Xue was graduated from the Arts Department at the Nanjing Institute of Arts in 1982. He is now a member of Chinese Artists Association, a professional artist in the Jiangsu Chinese Painting Institute and director of its Art Committee, a connoisseur in Chinese Culture Department as well as director of the Chinese Gongbi Painting Association.

    Xue is expert in landscape and flower-and-bird paintings. Because of his mastery of traditional painting techniques, together with his profound literature accomplishments and unique sense of beauty, he is acclaimed as the “Genius of Jiangnan”. His landscapes are full of spirituality of the nature and illusory imagination. He has formed a new school of flower-and-bird painting with distinctive composition and rich colors.

    He won the China Cup and Second Prize of the Peony Cup at the International Painting Competition, Silver Prize at the First Jiangsu Art Festival and Grand Prize at the NHK International Ink-and-Wash Painting Competition in Japan. Many solo exhibitions of his works have been held in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.