Yu Jiantao 于建濤

  • Male, born in Dalian in 1968, is now a professional artist and a member of Dalian Artists Association.

    When Yu was very small, he lived with his parents in the countryside. The pure and simple life has been unforgettable for him. Although there was no teacher to guide him, his passion, inspiration from the nature and hard work have helped him discover and answer the calling of his life.

    He is particularly good in watercolors, which is realistic in his painting style. Painting has enlightened him on the nature of life. He used to feel this world in a quiescent way. A building, a big tree, a shipwreck, a stone eroded by wind and waves, whether they have enjoyed the sunshine or experienced the darkness, whenever he touches them, wordless communication between them and a sort of pathetic, moving emotion would emerge in his heart. His introverted and solitary nature brought him from the noisy city to the peaceful nature, making his art tranquil yet misted up by a slight sense of desolation and grief.