5000 years of Chinese Ink Art History And Development 東方水墨五千年之源流與發展

Nowadays, with the rise of modern China, Chinese culture and art from a 5,000-year-old civilization is receiving a growing attention internationally. It is now the golden age of Asian culture and art. As we briefly review the past 5,000 years of art history with the development of Chinese society, politics, economy and culture over time, a historical pattern emerges. The development of ink painting in each period was closely linked to the social development at the time. Understanding art history will help us understand the current developments of art and its historical significance. Undoubtedly, Asian ink painting in the 21st century has reached its second highest point in history after the first peak in the Song dynasty. Ink painting today belongs not only to China, but also to the world.

With all the favourable conditions at home and abroad, the Young Artists Development Foundation notices shortcomings in understanding Asian ink painting, even among the Chinese. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility, the Foundation has given their full support in the organization of Ink Global 2017. We aim to collect 500 selected works from 500 outstanding ink painters around the world, on this unique occasion to showcase the artistic mastery and exceptional quality of contemporary Asian ink painting. It is a tribute to the artistic tradition and an important moment in the history of art. To keep standards high, the criteria for entering the exhibition is based on how distinct the artistic style is, how technicality plays out in the work, and how representative the work is. The exhibits are divided into five categories, namely, figures, landscape, birds and flowers, animals, and modern ink painting, which cover all contemporary Asian ink painting. Although many outstanding artists are not able to join this exhibition for many reasons, such as old age or delays, the 500 works from 15 countries and regions should be more than enough to showcase various styles, subjects, techniques, and characteristics of contemporary ink art. This is undisputedly the most representative, largest scale and highest standard ink painting exhibition, unprecedented in history.

As the curator of Ink Global 2017, I have a few more thoughts to share. First of all, I am moved by the international artists’ enthusiasm as evident in their participation and support. We are honoured by the acclaimed sinologist Professor Jao Tsung-i’s presence as he has graced the exhibition with an inscription. The Chinese painting master Huang Yongyu’s mural painting for the exhibition is the highlight of the event. Secondly, I am amazed to see so many ink painters from around the world. Most of them reside in China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. They have demonstrated their talent with their exceptional works, whose rich contents are unparalleled throughout history. I believe that the viewers will be very impressed and the exhibition will be a milestone in the history of Asian art.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, related officials, sponsors, consultants, judges, organizations, and friends for their support and the staff members who worked round-the-clock for the exhibition.


在當前大好的國內外形勢下,藝育菁英基金會有感東方水墨畫盡管已發展至歷史新高度,但世界對此認識並不足,甚至中國人對此亦十分模糊。 出於強烈的歷史使命感和責任感,基金會謹全力策劃促成了“全球水墨畫大展”的舉辦,我們旨在集全球五百位在世優秀水墨藝術家之五百幅精品力作,彰顯當代東方水墨畫的雄厚實力和水平,並為東方水墨畫藝術的歷史新定位作出貢獻。為達此目標,在徵集全球五百位畫家的參展作品中,我們堅持以鮮明個人藝術風格、具技術難度及能代表藝術家水準的創作這三項作為入選標準,以確保參展作品具有真正實力和水平。內容則包含了人物、山水、花鳥、動物和現代水墨五大類,即涵蓋了當今東方水墨畫藝術的所有內容。盡管在徵集作品過程中,尚有許多卓越藝術家因準備時間不足、訊息傳達不暢及年事高力不逮等等各種原因無法參與,但這500位來自全球15個國家及地區的優秀水墨畫家作品已足以反映出當代水墨畫藝術的各類風格、題材、技法和水平。其規模之大及水準之高稱得上當今之最,亦稱得上歷來之最。具有無可爭議的代表性。

作為全球水墨大展策展人,我有幾點是感受至深的: 其一,全球大展獲世界各地老中青藝術家積極參與及支持,其熱情令人感動。百歲國學大師饒宗頤專門為大展題字並出席活動,93歲藝術大師黃永玉為大展精心創作了一幅全場最大力作等更成為本活動的亮點;其二,以中港台為主的全球水墨畫家,優秀人才之多、藝術水準之高和內容之豐富遠超想像,超越了歷史之任何時代。相信本次大展的作品能夠感動世界的觀眾,並成為東方美術史上亮麗的一筆。