Connecting Hong Kong to the World through Art 立足香港 以藝術連結世界

Boasting a long history, ink paining is an important Chinese heritage. Besides the brushstrokes, the mood, tone, and spirit are salient characteristics in each work.

In recent years, Hong Kong has joined London and New York as the three largest art markets in the world. As the first large-scale ink painting exhibition, Ink Global aims to promote the overall development of ink painting by gathering the works of 500 elite painters of the genre. This exhibition will serve as a positive step towards elevating the status of ink painting in the world and strengthening Hong Kong's position as the ink painting capital of Asia.

I deeply appreciate the vision and initiative of both the organizer, Young Artists Development Foundation, and the co-organizer, Wan Fung Art Gallery, for mobilizing resources from the community within a year to organize an exhibition on such a global scale. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, this event, through showcasing the beauty of Eastern ink paintings to the Hong Kong public and international friends, celebrates Hong Kong's achievements in fine arts and culture as well as the city's status as cosmopolitan melting pot where East meets West.

I strongly believe that the tradition of ink painting and dialogues on contemporary ink painting documented in this exhibition will serve as important reference materials for Eastern art history and leave a lasting impact on the global ink painting scene. In the community, they will further promote the status and appreciation of ink painting, which is an important cultural tradition treasured by us all.