Ink Global 2017 Congratulatory Message 獻 辭

As the year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the return of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to China, I am very honoured to become the patron of Ink Global on this special occasion. It is a genuine pleasure to witness the great success of this large-scale exhibition and the rise of Hong Kong on the international ink painting scene.

Ink painting is an important cultural heritage of China that dates back several millennia ago. It has undergone changes and innovations through all vicissitudes. At Ink Global, 500 artists from the Greater China Region and around the world showcase the magnificent fusion of traditional ink painting and contemporary style through their works. The artists' heritage and innovations opened up a unique form of expression in ink painting. I hereby thank the organizer for their steadfast and vigorous efforts in selecting the best works from a global call for entries.

Hong Kong is an international cultural hub where myriad cultural exchange activities take place. Hong Kong is a cultural metropolis where Chinese tradition has taken root and diverse cultures continue to meet. In the last two decades, Hong Kong's fine arts and culture have developed steadily. Our advantageous geographical location and low tax regime have attracted many exhibitions and galleries to come to Hong Kong, while also enabling local art exhibitions to establish themselves regionally and internationally.

As we look to the future, many fine arts and culture projects will be completed one after another. They will not only energise the development of fine arts and culture in Hong Kong, but also complement the further growth of fine arts exhibitions and the fine arts market. The M+ at the Kowloon Cultural District, as well as the renovated Hong Kong Museum of Art are slated to open within the next two years. Upon opening, the two museums will exhibit their ink painting collections from fresh perspectives. At this moment, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to enjoy Ink Global and experience these profound treasures of Chinese culture with us.


水墨畫是我國國粹,跨越逾千年的歷史,隨着時代的變遷經歷變奏與革新。 「全球水墨畫大展」透過500位兩岸三地和世界各地藝術家的承傳與創新,展現傳統水墨畫和現代風格的巧妙融合,開拓水墨畫的獨特表現形式。在此,我感謝大會在整個評選過程期間付出的努力,從全球公開徵集的畫作之中,嚴格甄選最優秀的作品。

香港是國際文化大都會,植根於中國傳統且融會多元文化,是文化交流的重要樞紐。在過去20年,香港的文化藝術有持續的發展。我們的地理優勢和低税政策,吸引各地的藝術展覽和畫廊落戶香港,而本地藝術展覽亦成功在亞洲以至國際立足。 展望未來相繼落成的多個大型文化藝術項目,將為香港的文化藝術發展注入新的活力,與藝術展覽和市場發展相輔相承。西九文化區的M+視覺文化博物館,以及翻新和擴建後的香港藝術館,將於未來兩年落成啟用,屆時兩館將從不同角度展出珍貴水墨畫藏品。在此之前,我誠邀各位細心欣賞「全球水墨畫大展」作品集,一同感受中華文化瑰寶的內涵。


Chief Executive Mrs Carrie Lam