Preface 序

Shocking! To describe "Ink Global" with this word, is not too much yet very appropriate. To be able to view these works, I feel very excited! There are so many talented painters! There are so many uncompromising details to the works! So many Chinese and Western cultures and collisions! So many creative infinite minds! In this era, it's really an oriental cultural new reveal! It can also be called as the deep profound Chinese cultural arts for five thousand long years, and since the development till now, another historical peak has been reached. These 500 works has witnessed the change in contemporary ink painting jumping out of the traditional landscape, characters and flowers and birds frame. It fully integrated the modern aesthetic consciousness, new cultural innovation and perspective, it reflects the integration of Chinese and Western cultures, as well as the world's 500 most outstanding artist's infinite creativity and wisdom.

I want to take this chance and thank all the consultants from the exhibitions who has enthusiastically promoted this event in their respective academic fields and around the world. To also encourage their friends, students, including themselves, to bring the best paintings out on display. I also need to thank the 17 judges of the exhibition, they used countless days and nights to observe each painting in-depth, for the global exhibition to select the best 500 works. I would lastly like to thank all the enthusiastic friends from all different fields, to show their active full support.

I am grateful and I am fortunate enough to extricate poverty from the longed centuries and move into the revitalization China today, to have the opportunity to promote this great cultural initiative. Through "Ink Global", we bring out the best of the oriental ink painting art, to show the world audience. With these 500 touching artworks it highlights our historical status, especially in the field of international art, so that we can take the Chinese masters to regain the right to in the art of Oriental ink.

I feel that we are here together to create a history that can stay in the history. It is a great contribution to the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's reunification.

Our work today is just a good start. I hope that the world's best ink painters continue to work hard, to play unlimited potential and talent regardless of each other, work together, the common art of oriental painting, to push it to another historical peak.

震撼! 用這兩字來形容今次「全球水墨畫大展」的作品,一點也不過分,而是十分貼切。看到這些參展作品,心情十分激動!有這麼多天才橫溢的畫家!有這麼多精雕細琢的作品!這麼多中西文化的交流和碰撞!這麼多創意無限的心思!這個時代,真不愧為一個東方文化藝術大復興的新時代!亦稱得上經過五千年中華文化藝術的深厚沉積,發展至今進入了的另一個歷史高峰。